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The following links summarise details and reviews of Nikon cameras and software processing on this site. We are adding to the reviews continually, so come back on a regular basis to see the latest reviews. These cameras are listed from the cheapest price to the most expensive in each category.

In the following I will attempt to outline some criteria to help you select a Nikon camera.

DX versus FX

DX cameras are cheaper and the DX lenses are generally cheaper. For print sizes up to a maximum dimension of 15 inches there is not very much difference in DX and FX.
DX cameras give an effective multiplication factor of 1.5 times to the lens focal length, which is an advantage with long lenses, but this can also be a disadvantage with wide angle lenses. However there are special wide angle lenses for DX cameras.
FX cameras generally give better performance in low light situations.
Some cameras now have a movie function.
If you want to do huge prints up to 3 feet or more you may need a D3X, which is the highest resolution Nikon camera.
Some of the more expensive cameras have additional functionality, such as depth of field preview, mirror lock up, diferent bracketing functions for white balance and exposure, magnesiun alloy bodies, weather sealing etc.

In general, I would rate all the FX cameras and the D300s camera as professional tools in an expert photographers hands.

Nikon Coolpix Cameras

In general the coolpix range of cameras are aimed at photographers who are after a basic camera and who do not need interchangeable lenses. These cameras are aimed mainly at the beginner level or for someone who just wants a small camera as a take anywhere camera. Some of the Coolpix range have a wide range zoom lens and can be quite nice as a small camera. Some of the range of Coolpix cameras are reviewed here.

Nikon 1 CX Cameras

The Nikon 1 series of cameras are mirrorless cameras with a sensor sized between the Coolpix range and the DX Digital SLR range of cameras. They are very small and compact with an image quality a little better than the Coolpix range of cameras. There is a summary of the CX range of cameras reviewed here.

Nikon DX DSLR Cameras

The Nikon DX cameras are full Digital SLR cameras similar to the FX range but with smaller sensors, as a consequence they are smaller and lighter than FX cameras but they can offer extremely good image quality for the cost outlay. They offer a lens multiplication factor compared to the FX cameras of 1.5 times, thus a 100mm lens becomes effectively a 150mm lens when viewed through the viewfinder and lens. The full range of Nikon DX Cameras is covered here.

Nikon FX DSLR Cameras

As mentioned above the FX camera range have full sized sensors compared to film cameras. These cameras offer better image quality including better noise performance and in general higher resolution. The range of Nikon FX  Digital SLR cameras are covered here.

Nikon Software

  • View NX2 – Superb image processing software.

Nikon Camera Reviews and their Usage

We have several articles covering the broad categories of Nikon cameras to help in making the best decision in choosing a camera for your particular application.

We have several articles covering the broad categories of cameras to help you in making the best decision in choosing a camera for your particular application. These categories are divided up as follows: