Nikon Portrait Lens Review

Eumundi, Body Art

There are several types of portrait or people photography which may range from close up head shots to full body shots and groups of people, this will require a range of lenses from longish telephoto lenses, ranging through to wide angle lenses. So what is the┬ábest nikon lens for portrait photography? We will discuss this… Continue reading Nikon Portrait Lens Review

Photographing Body Art And Face Painting

The images here have been captured at the Body Art Carnivale at Eumundi, Queensland, Australia.
A carnival such as this is a great opportunity to capture images of body art and face painting. The images here were captured through from the painting preparation process to the final display.

Create a Photo Essay

Pulling in the Nets

A photo essay is in effect a short series of photographs which tell a story or document a series of actions. A photo essay is illustrated by a series of images which you may see in a magazine to tell a story. In general it will show a series if actions to illustrate the story.

People Photography

Man up pole

Diffuse light is most desirable for pleasing portraits. Fill in flash can be used to eliminate any harsh shadows. Reflectors can also be used to reduce the incidence of shadows. Higher ISO film or camera settins ISO400 to assist in poorer lighting.For most portraits lighting coming from slightly above the camera and to the side of the camera is preferable. A small amount of back lighting can enhance the portrait.