A Vivid Experience at Vivid Sydney

Tiger Animal Sculpture at Zoo at Vivid Sydney

Last weekend I visited the Vivid Festival at Vivid Sydney. It was great using the Nikon D810 camera, what a wonderful camera for such events. The camera has excellent low light capability and also a high pixel count. Here I would like to note some of the aspects of the photography at Vivid Sidney. Due to… Continue reading A Vivid Experience at Vivid Sydney

Star Scenes and Capturing Milky Way Images

Milky Way from Brooms Head New South Wales

Recently I have been trying to master the photography of star scapes or Milky Way shots of the stars. In searching for information on photography of stars I came across the Stellarium App which is available for use on IOS systems or in my case with an Android device. This is an excellent App which… Continue reading Star Scenes and Capturing Milky Way Images

Selecting Nikon Cameras and Lenses for Low Light Photography

  When you are selecting a particular camera and lens for low light photography there are a few special issues to keep in mind and we will summarise some of the important considerations here. In using high ISO settings bear in mind that if you use a tripod or monopod you can possibly use lower… Continue reading Selecting Nikon Cameras and Lenses for Low Light Photography

Night Photography with a Digital Camera

Surfers Paradise from Currumbin

The above image has been captured from the Currumbin beach, looking towards Surfers Paradise, I took this image at the following camera settings: Aperture, f/16, Shutter speed, 30 seconds, 300mm lens, 100 ISO. The images is a panorama of two images stitched together in Photoshop and it was quite dark when the image was captured. The reason I… Continue reading Night Photography with a Digital Camera

Lightning Images

Lightning, Back Yard

Lightning images are generally very stunning. They are very similar to fireworks to capture. However to capture those instant moments with a camera can be quite is a challenge as lightning is very unpredictable and difficult to judge where it will strike. It is best to attempt to capture lightning images at night time.

Fireworks Photography


Fireworks displays are generally very stunning and colorful. To capture those moments with a camera can be quite is a challenge. It is essential to use a tripod to hold the camera steady. Tripods can be inconvenient to use however they are almost essential to get stunning images. A cable release can also be very usefull to eliminate camera movement.

Photography At Night

Disneyland Tokyo

Great images are to be had by venturing outside at night time. A dull city can become a colorful blaze of bright lights at night.
Most cameras are capable of exposures up to 30 seconds, however once you start to exceed exceed this then the camera control moves from the precision of the camera’s light meter to some guess work on your part.

Sunset Photography

In Photoshop you can reproduce the sunset in any red hue that you desire and with any color rendering that you think you can remember. You can also change the exposure, introduce more contrast to create a silhouette. Sometime darkening the image slightly in Photoshop will also give more dynamic colors and saturated colors.