Film Photography


Film appears to be very limited compared to digital, once a certain ISO speed film and color temperature film is in the camera, we can only modify certain of the film characteristics by using filters, whereas with digital these limits do not apply. Film has the capability to capture superb highly saturated images.
However, film has been with us for many years and it produces excellent results with extremely high resolution compared to digital cameras. One can only guess how much longer film will be available.

History of Photography

The camera Obscura is believed to be an Arabic invention in the eleventh century where a dark room with a pinhole, produced an inverted image on the far wall and this was used for observing solar eclipses. Leonardo da Vinci originally described the idea.
In 1568 Daniel Barbaro produced a box with a lens instead of a pinhole which effectively was the first camera with a lens. He also experimented with using a smaller diaphram to produce a sharper image.
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce worked together and after many years Daguerre using silver plates developed a photographic process in 1839, and from that time the camera was born. For many years the camera remained a cumbersome instrument until Geoge Eastman 1854-1932 founded the Eastman Kodak Company from which roll film developed, together with many other camera developments.