Best Nikon Camera and Lens Options For Wildlife Photography

  When photographing wildlife, there are several main criteria that you should aim for with your equipment and we will summarise some of those in this article. The above image of the kangaroo has been captured with a Nikon 300mm f/4 lens, on a Nikon D700 camera. Cameras There are a few important specifications to… Continue reading Best Nikon Camera and Lens Options For Wildlife Photography

Protecting your Lenses

Protecting your lenses is a very big consideration in your photography. Firstly if you love photography you will have quite a lot of money outlayed on your gear and most of that outlay will be on your lenses. Many photographers make big mistakes here, they will purchase expensive lenses and then get cheap filters to put on them to protect the front element, but the cheap filters will degrade the image.

Lenses and Focal Length

Lenses are essentially of two main categories, either fixed focal length or variable focal length or zoom lenses. Zoom lenses are available in many different focal length ranges, some popular ranges are as follows 10-20mm, 17-55mm, 70-200mm, 200-400mm.
Generally zoom lenses are available with apertures of f/2.8 or greater, however fixed focal length lenses can be available with larger apertures of f/1.4 and may be better for low or available light photography. Zoom lenses are great for landscape photography, where you may need to vary the angle of view to accommodate different aspects.