Using Your Smart Phone or Tablet GPS System, to Geotag Your Nikon Images

Some time ago I did a Blog about geotagging images with a GPS device external to the camera. That Blog was based on using the GPS system from my motor vehicle, however I have now refined this system somewhat. Being an Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer, I love using technology to help facilitate my photography. My… Continue reading Using Your Smart Phone or Tablet GPS System, to Geotag Your Nikon Images

Organising a Photographic Web Site

Pelicans Preening, Burrum Heads, Queensland

The Blogging and Gallery software is quite simple to implement and use, being standard Wordpress software. There are many options available with Wordpress to select alternative themes to differentiate the look of your web site from other sites.

Post Processing for Quality Images

In order to produce the highest quality images it is essential to establish a professional workflow through the complete imaging process from download, through organisation, editing, manipulation and saving the files. Downloading Some downloading software now provides image editing functions through the downloading process, however this is generally less than the best optimised results possible.… Continue reading Post Processing for Quality Images

Automating Your Photographic Workflow

Automating your workflow can save many hours in processing your image files. Essentially Photoshop provides three methods of automation to process your image files. The first two methods, Actions and Batch Processing are quite easy to learn, however the third, Scripts is far more complex and requires programming knowledge.

Protecting Your Images

Your hard drive has crashed, are your images safe, well I hope so, if you have backed them up. Keeping up to date duplicates of all your important pictures is one of the smartest things you can do.
Keeping all your files organised is one of the first steps to successfully backing up all your images. Keep the one location on your computer where all the files are organised.