Night Photography with a Digital Camera

Surfers Paradise from Currumbin

The above image has been captured from the Currumbin beach, looking towards Surfers Paradise, I took this image at the following camera settings: Aperture, f/16, Shutter speed, 30 seconds, 300mm lens, 100 ISO. The images is a panorama of two images stitched together in Photoshop and it was quite dark when the image was captured. The reason I… Continue reading Night Photography with a Digital Camera

Capturing the Wide Expanses of the Outback

The above image has been captured at Lake Argyle in the Kimberlies, Western Australia. It is a composite image stitched together in PTGui software with post processing in Photoshop. Lake Argyle is situated near Kununurra on the western side of the Kimberly Ranges. There are beautiful sunset cruises on Lake Argyle to give the best views of this area.

Constructing a Panorama Image

Image 1

This tutorial covers the making of a panorama with Photoshop CS3 using layers. The two original images used to form the panorama are shown above. These two images are opened in Photoshop and the two images are merged together in layers to form one image. Both images were taken in Raw format and converted in Photoshop. Any vignetting of the images is corrected prior to combining the layers.