Nikons Creative Lighting System Review Using Electronic Flash Speedlights

Nikons Creative Lighting System With the introduction of the D2 series of cameras some years ago, Nikon introduced their Creative Lighting System (CLS) to give full control over our lighting, which we previously could never achieve. The technology of the Nikon Creative Lighting System is very sophisticated and there are effectively two separate systems available, one for… Continue reading Nikons Creative Lighting System Review Using Electronic Flash Speedlights

High Speed Electronic Flash Synchronization (Flash At Any Shutter Speed)

One of the major disadvantages of older cameras is the limitation of using flash at high shutter speeds, many cameras will limit the maximum shutter speed with flash to a shutter speedd range of 1/60 to 1/500 of a second. With more recent cameras and flash units this limitation has now been overcome. This option can be very important when you wish to balabce the level of light from the flash and the natural daylight.

Using Electronic Flash, Speedlight

The above image, in line with the title of this Blog, has been captured using electronic flash, together with a Nikon, D700 camera and 105mm Nikon Micro lens. In general there are several ways to use electronic flash and we I will attempt to cover all aspects below. Built-in Camera Flash Versus External Flash In general… Continue reading Using Electronic Flash, Speedlight