Suitable Lenses For Landscapes and Seascapes

Cloudscape at Red Rock, New South Wales.

Generally photographers select a wide angle lens for landscapes or seascapes. Landscapes and seascapes often ask for a lot to be included in the image but sometimes a long telephoto lens can be used to emphasise some aspect of the image. In the next two examples I have used a wide angle lens of 28mm… Continue reading Suitable Lenses For Landscapes and Seascapes

Digital Landscape Photography – Ten Tips

Landscape photography is something many photographers aspire to. There are many opportunities for this type of photography of your surrounding area, no matter where you are. Landscape Photography Definition Landscape photography is generally aimed to show different spaces and objects within the world where you are. They can be distant or close up micro objects.… Continue reading Digital Landscape Photography – Ten Tips

Photographing Outback Landscapes

Lake Hart, South Australia

Lake Hart is one of the many salt lakes in South Australia. Lake Hart is just off the Stuart Highway when travelling from Pt. Augusta through to Central Australia and Darwin. This main tourist route highway is known as the Explorer’s Way between Adelaide and Darwin, 3016 km, it covers southern farmlands, central deserts to… Continue reading Photographing Outback Landscapes

Landscape Photography

Kakadu National Park

Generally landscapes require a great depth of field, which can be obtained by using a small aperture of around f/16. Also landscapes require components of the image in the forground and also in the background which are in focus.
Landscapes will have a more pleasing appearance if the lighting is low in the sky, which means that the best time to photograph landscapes is early morning or late in the day.