Cropping an Image

Cropping an image is a very usefull method of bringing your attention to the main centre of interest of the image. If images are take with a camera with a high megapixel count then there is a lot more room for cropping, compared to an image from a camera with a lower megapixel count. Cropping an image will loose some detail in the image, however it may give the image much more impact.

Image Contrast

Original Image

Photography and processing your images is all about having fun with your photography. Producing your own images and experimenting with them. The thrill of creating something you like gives you confidence and stimulates success. With black and white printing we used to use different contrast grades of paper ranging from soft to normal and hard and they would give different contrast ranges in the prints.

Noise Reduction in Images

In some digital images the noise can become quite objectionable where images are taken in relatively low light levels and high shutter speeds are required, particularly when using telephoto lenses. Generally digital cameras allow for ISO settings between ISO100 and ISO3200 even in some cases up to ISO 6400 and higher. When used at high… Continue reading Noise Reduction in Images