Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, White Balance, Targeted Adjustment, Crop, Straighten, Spot and Red Eye Removal

Film Strip

Adobe Camera Raw is one of the most popular raw converters. It is most desirable to capture your images in the raw format if you are aiming for the best qualityimages. The screen shot above shows the basic Camera Raw functions. Along the top is a Tool Bar which is illlustrated.

Multiple or Double Exposures

With todays digital photography technology, multiple exposures can be relatively easy to produce under controlled conditions. Here Photoshop can come to the rescue. Multiple exposures ar relatively easy to produce by using layers, selecting the areas around the image that you want to eliminate and then combining the layers. Some selections may need to be… Continue reading Multiple or Double Exposures

Post Processing for Quality Images

In order to produce the highest quality images it is essential to establish a professional workflow through the complete imaging process from download, through organisation, editing, manipulation and saving the files. Downloading Some downloading software now provides image editing functions through the downloading process, however this is generally less than the best optimised results possible.… Continue reading Post Processing for Quality Images

Automating Your Photographic Workflow

Automating your workflow can save many hours in processing your image files. Essentially Photoshop provides three methods of automation to process your image files. The first two methods, Actions and Batch Processing are quite easy to learn, however the third, Scripts is far more complex and requires programming knowledge.