Noise Reduction in Images

In some digital images the noise can become quite objectionable where images are taken in relatively low light levels and high shutter speeds are required, particularly when using telephoto lenses. Generally digital cameras allow for ISO settings between ISO100 and ISO3200 even in some cases up to ISO 6400 and higher. When used at high ISO settings noise can become very evident.

In the example below we will see an image taken at ISO1600 which was required to achieve a high shutter speed due to the shooting conditions. This image was taken with a Nikon D2H camera which has quite a bit of noise when used at ISO1600 or higher. The noise introduced into this image at ISO1600 becomes quite obvious. This image was processed with Noiseware Professional, noise reduction software. A screen capture showing the adjustments available is shown below, together with a crop of the original image below to the left and a crfop of the final copy of the image after noise reduction has been applied is shown below to the right.


The two 100% cropped images above show the before and after noise reduction processing. The noisey image is on the left and the one shown on the right is after noise processing. As can be seen from these images, the image becomes quite acceptable with the noise reduction applied.