Bas Relief Images

Bas Relief Image

When using film, Bas Relief images were produced using color transparency film together with a high contrast contact black and white image place together slightly out of register.

Today with Photoshop we can still produce a similar type of image as follows:

  • Start off with an original color image
  • Duplicate the image and convert it to black and white
  • Convert the black and white image to a Bas Relief. Filter / Sketch / Bas Relief and adjust the Bas Relief to your liking
  • Increase the contrast of the Bas Relief image
  • Combine the original color image with the Bas relief image and adjust the opacity of the Bas Relief layer to suit
  • Flatten the two layers and give the saturation a boost.

You will now have a Photoshopped Bas relief image as shown above.


Original image.

Bas relief black and white image.