Beginners Guide – Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Photography

There are many things you can do to improve your photography. In the following article we will sumarise the ten main thing you can implement to make your images stand out.

1. Shutter speed

The shutter speed can have a huge bearing on the quality of an image. A slow speed will create blur resulting in an unsharp image. A fast shutter speed will freeze action and help obtain sharp images.
Sometimes the photographer may intentionally create blur to give a creative impact to the image.

2. Aperture

The aperture setting determines how much light the lens lets through to the sensor and this determines the correct exposure.
The aperture also determines the depth of field and which parts of the image will be in focus.

3. ISO

The ISO setting determines the sensitivity and needs to be set depending on the amount of light available. In bright light use a lower ISO setting and in duller light use a higher ISO.

4. Get in close

Get close to the subject to fill the viewfinder frameĀ  completely up with the subject.

5. Focus on subject

The camera will have auto focus points in the viewfinder, make sure the focus is on the main subject. With people photography ensure that the eyes are in focus.

6. Keep it simple

Do not try to get too much in the picture. The simpler the composition the more impact the final image will have.

7. Watch the background

Watch for any distractions in the background, keep the background simple so that the main subject will stand out against the background.

8. Move the subject slightly off centre

Generally the composition of the image will look much better if the main subject is not in the centre of the images, keep the main subject to one side.

9. Keep the camera steady

The use of a tripod nor monopod will assist in qeeping the camera steady. Also use a remoter shutter trigger if possible.

10. Take your camera everywhere

One thing needs to be stressed, is to take your camera everywhere you go. If you do not have your camera you will not get any images. If you normally use a Digital SLR get a smaller camera so you can carry it around easily when not using the DSLR.