Remote Releases

Would you like to capture a full frame image of a dangerous creature or a shy animal or bird. It is quite easy if you use a remote camera release. Today there are many types of remote releases available for cameras, there are cable releases, infra red or radio controlled releases. There are also many types of remote triggering devices to automatically trigger your camera as an animal or bird approaches.

Most quality cameras will have an interface of some sort to connect to a remote device and this is an excellent way to capture animals or birds without disturbing them in their natural environment. In addition to a remote camera release you will also need some means of supporting the camera such as a tripod.

It is also worthwhile keeping in mind that when using a camera on a tripod an extra precaution to avoid camera shake is to use a remote release to ensure the camera is not moved with the shutter action.

This Australian kookaburra was captured using a remote cable release.