Photography from a Bird Hide


Here are a few images from the Bird Observatory at Broome, Western Australia. This is a purposely built bird hide on Roebuck Bay, Western Australia. There are many birds in this area both inland and along the shore line. The area is most important as a sanctuary for migratory shorebirds at certain times of the year.The above bird is a Great Bowerbird which frequents this area. This is a beautiful bird which builds a bower when breading to impress its mate.

The Great Bowerbird (Chlamydera nuchalis) is an amazing bird and resides in many northern areas of Australia. Its habitat is the forrest, woodland and mangrove swamps of the area.The image below is a group of crested pigeons which also frequent the Broome area.

At the time I was at Broome there were no migratory birds, however there were still plenty of woodland birds.

There are great opportunities for photography in this area and the images here were captured with a Nikon D700 and 300mm AF-S lens.

Using a bird hide is a wonderful way to get close to the subject. It can be very difficult to get close to many birds and a good hide enables you to use a lens much shorter than you normally can use without the hide.

Bird hides can vary from purposely built structures to a simple frame covered by some material to hide behind.

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  1. Geoff, I’ve been looking through your pictures and they are beautiful. The tips you’ve posted are great as well. I’m actually curious though, what you use for posting the pictures. Is it a slideshow program or just link to another site? I really like the format of being able to click on the picture and see the larger version as well as click through a slideshow of all the pictures in the post.

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