Abstract photography sometimes can also be alligned with minimalistic photography. This type of photography is generally referred to photography which captures different perspectives, shapes or patterns. Sometimes this type of photography can also be classified in the category of fine art prints. The idea is to capture an element which transforms something familiar into an images which may be intriguing and captures the imagination. The abstract photograph may not be recognisable as to its real existance. Macro lenses for close up work can be exremely usefull for this type of photography. Also black and white photograpy can be utilized to create dramatic abstract images. In capturing fine abstract photograps be aware that extreme side lighting can provide dramatic lighting to some textures.

The first image hereĀ is that of a live crocodile skin taken with a 200mm Nikon Micro lens, a lens of this focal length will assist in keeping a safe distance from dangerous creatures and will give an exceptionally sharp image. Notice the strong side lighting in this image to bring out the shadowed texture.

This simple image of seaweed in a rock pool forms an interesting abstract image, the seaweed was floating in a small rock pool using a close up Nikon Micro lens.

This interesting pattern of the chromatic aberations of light through an oil drop forms an interesting abstract image, this image was taken using a Nikon Micro lens with bellows.

This close up image of a simple leaf is a strong example of what can be done with patterns and textures. This image was taken with a Nikon Micro lens which is designed specifically for close up photography.


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