Capturing the Wide Expanses of the Outback

Blue Sunset, Lake Argyle

The above image has been captured at Lake Argyle in the Kimberlies, Western Australia. It is a composite image stitched together in PTGui software with post processing in Photoshop. Lake Argyle is situated nearĀ Kununurra on the western side of the Kimberly Ranges. There are beautiful sunset cruises on Lake Argyle to give the best views of this area.

Lake Argyle is Australias second largest artificially made lake by volume and forms an important part of the wetlands in the area of the east Kimberlies. The lake is on the Ord river and forms the basis of a major irrigation system for the surrounding area. There is also abundant wildlife around the lake with one of the major attractions being the freshwater crocodiles.

Capturing the wide expanses of the country is all about getting to use wide angle lenses and also widening your perspective by stitching panorama images together.

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  1. Wow, looks a little different to when i was there. I had the most vicious looking storm clouds and it was blowing a gale

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