Water Movement Photography

Natural Bridge Falls

The movement of water can help to create interesting images. In order to capture images such as these it is essential to use a tripod, as shutter speeds close to 1 second or greater will be required. Generally a shutter speed of 1/8 of a second will start to blur the moving water, but with a tripod any shutter speeds up to 1/2 minute can be tried.

Getting The Image Right In The Camera

Photoshop is a great software package, but the secret to obtaining stunning images is to get everything right in the camera and after you have achieved that, then work on the image in Photoshop. Most of the work in getting a good image happens before the Photoshop stage. We have other articles on Workflow after… Continue reading Getting The Image Right In The Camera

Camera Vibrations and Image Sharpness

Modern Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras have mechanical components for both the shutter and the mirror mechanism. These mechanical components can have a significent effect on the sharpness of any image due to the vibrations within the camera causing the camera to move. The mirror slap vibrations in particular will cause a degradation in… Continue reading Camera Vibrations and Image Sharpness

Moving Images

A slow shutter speeds can be used when you wish to gain a sense if movement or blurring of the image. In the image of the amusement park below, the shutter speed was several seconds long, allowing the lights of the wheel to move around the image.

High Shutter Speeds

Wind Surfing

Any image of a moving subject will require a high shutter speed to avoid blurring of the subject. The kite surfer above was moving very fast and required good long lens technique and a very high shutter speed to avoid movement of the subject.