Camera Shooting Modes

Many cameras will offer a range of shooting modes to select from as follows. All these options may not be available on all cameras.

Single Frame Mode
In this mode the camera will take one frame each time the shutter button is pressed.

Continuous Low Speed Mode
Camera will take several images in a sequence but not at the maximum rate.

Continuous High Speed Mode
Camera will take a fast sequence of images at the maximum speed.

Self Timer Mode
In this mode the camera can be used to take self portraits where there is a delayed response in operationg the shutter after the shutter is pressed.

Mirror Up Mode
This mode causes the mirror in the camera housing to be raised prior to the shutter operating. The mirror is lowered after the image is taken. This mode is important to reduct any camera shake due to the movement of the mirror causing camera movement and blurred images.

Live View Mode

In live view mode the camera will provide a live view of the subject through the cameras LCD display.