Images From Maleny With The Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G Lens

Water Wheel, Maleny, Queensland

Maleny is a beautiful tidy town on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  Maleny has many restaurants, cafes and dining options, both in the town and on its outskirts. It caters to all tastes from excellent to grabbing a quick bite while on the road which is what I did. There is popular annual Real Food Festival, held in Maleny which is a great opportunity to experience what the town offers in the wide range of food that is available.

The first image here is a water wheel which decorated the local streetscape. The main street is very nicely set out and it is obvious that the local residents are very proud of their town.

Water Wheel, Maleny, Queensland

The second image here is of a small pond outside some shops and nicely set out with flowering water lilies.

Water Lilies, Maleny, Queensland

The two images below are of a couple of the local shops. Firstly Elle’s toys and then below Jasmine Cottage.

Elle’s, Maleny, Queensland

Many of the shops in the town cater for the local tourist trade.

Jasmine Cottage, Maleny, Queensland

For all the above images I used the Nikkor 28mm, f/1.8G, lens with a D810 camera. I find this lens excellent for streetscape type scenes.

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