A Visit To Childers Is Like Travelling Back In A Time Machine With The Nikon 28mm f/1.8G AF-S Lens

The Decay Slayer, Dentist Childers, Queensland

Yes a visit to Childers, Queensland is a little like travelling back in time in a time machine. Even though it is like visiting time long gone, it is still a very interesting town to visit.

Some of the images below may give you a feeling of the life of this town. Many of the streets have interesting pavement art as in the image below.

Pavement Art, Childers, Queensland

One of the local shops have been done up as a museum to simulate time long gone.

Ancient Shop, Childers, Queensland

I liked the street signs for the local Dentist, the “decay slayer”, a very apt title for a dental surgery. Lets hope he has eradicated decay in the town.

The Decay Slayer, Dentist Childers, Queensland

Next to the RSL building there is an interesting display of war memorabilia with a few images below displaying these items. The following is a wheel from a gun carriage.

Wheel, Childers, Queensland

The image below is the actual gun carriage in excellent restored condition.

Gun, Childers, Queensland

In this town the streets were very neat and tidy with nice displays decorating the streetscape. The image below is of a bunch of artificial flowers.

A Bunch Of Artificial Flowers, Childers, Queensland

For all the above images I used the Nikkor 28mm, f/1.8G, lens with a D810 camera. I find this lens excellent for streetscape type scenes.

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