Nikon D7200 Digital SLR

Nikon D7200
Nikon D7200


Nikon has now released an upgrade to its enthusiast Digital SLR camera in the form of the D7200.

In this new Nikon D7200 several enhancements have been made compared to the previous D7100 camera.

The changes from the previous camera are outlined below.

  • Both the D7100 and the D7200 cameras use an APS-C sized, DX format sensor. The D7200 has a very small increase in pixel count, rising from 24.1 up to 24.2 million pixels. This is negligable.
  • The D7200 has Nikon’s latest processing engine, the EXPEED 4, compared with the previous D7100’s EXPEED 3 processor. This change helps to facilitate better images at high ISO and also makes the image processing faster.
  • Both the old and newer cameras use an eye level pentaprism optical viewfinder, which offers 100% coverage. They both feature a bright and high contrast display to help see key settings more easily. They both use a 1,229k dot 3.2 inch screen. The screen is fixed and not touch sensitive.
  • The Nikon D7200 has WIFI built right into the body. With the D7100 it was an add on accessory.
  • The D7200 camera makes it possible to share your images directly to your mobile device or remotely control it.
  • Another improvement comes in the form of the autofocusing system on the D7200. The camera has inherited the Multi-Cam 3500 II from cameras higher up in the range, such as the full frame D810 which should make it more accurate and responsive. It has a 51 point autofocus system. If you use the crop mode to shoot, those 51 points will cover the entire frame, but otherwise they are centred around the middle. 15 of those points are the more sensitive cross type, while the central point is sensitive to f/8, making it useful for use with lens tele-converters.
  • The D7200’s native sensitivity has been increased to 100 – 25600, without the need for expansion. This should make images at the higher end of the range better, with less noise and better detail.
  • The D7200 camera Battery Life has been extended.

In general this camera is a significant advance from the previous model.