Applying Tonal Contrast to Images

Bassalt Rocks, Fingal Headland, New South Wales

Tonal contrast actions in Photoshop give control over the contrast in the highlights, mid tones and also in the shadow areeas of images, each can be controlled for seperate adjustment.

Tonal contrast can be applied seperately to selected areas of the image or can be applied to the whole image. In the image above the tonal contrast has only been applied to the water area and in the image below the tonal contrast has been applied to the whole image.

Tonal contrast can be appled to a certain area of an image to bring attention to the centre of interest of the image.

Tonal contrast is also used to bring out texture in certain areas of the image, it can be very effective in bringing out texture in sand, water, timber and other similar features.

Tonal contrast can be applied using software from NIK. Versions are available for use as Photoshop plug-ins and also as a seperate module for Nikon Capture NX.

Surfers Paradise Beach


  1. Surfers Paradise – fantastic shot! I actually thought at first glance it as a golf green that had flooded! Great lines and great detail in the shot. How high were from the ground taking it?


  2. Thank you for comment! Means a lot! Absolutely love your work. The Surfers Paradise picture is just brilliant! I cant believe I was there just two months back! And this just makes me want to go there right away. I love the angle! Did you know someone living in those huge buildings by the beach?! I love that it doesn’t really look like water. 🙂

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