Nature Photography

Fungi amongst moss

Nature photography is defined as the displaying of natural elements in an outdoor environment.

Sometimes the objects of nature will exist in very difficult to photograph places with very difficult lighting. Electronic flash units with a diffuser attached can be of great assistance in providing fill in lighting to nature subjects in these circumstances. Nature photography can be a very challenging field to produce excellent results.

On many occasions Macro lenses will be usefull to photograph small objects. Certain animals or insects may be frightened off by close proximity to the camera, in situations such as this a telephoto Macro lens of up to 200mm would prove to be very usefull to keep a satisfactory distance between the subject and the camera.

Fungi on tree

Fungi taken with Macro lens and tripod and diffuseg electronic flash
Fungi with electronic flash

Bee on Daisy

Bee on flower with monopod and 200mm micro lens

Butterfly on Geisha Girl Flower

Butterfly on Geisha Girl Flower with 200mm lens and monopod.