Lake Hart, South Australia

Lake Hart is one of the many salt lakes in South Australia. Lake Hart is just off the Stuart Highway when travelling from Pt. Augusta through to Central Australia and Darwin. This main tourist route highway is known as the Explorer’s Way between Adelaide and Darwin, 3016 km, it covers southern farmlands, central deserts to the tropical north and its magnificent wetlands. It is a journey of many contrasts and natural beauty.┬áThe above image is a landscape looking across the barren lake Hart. There are a lot of different aspects to photograph in a location such as this. In the above image I tried to capture the wide expanse of the salt lake and still try to capture some of the interesting cloud formations.

The image below captures the main rail line crossing Australia from east to west and the wide expanse of the country. In this image, I have tried to capture and represent the expansive country, with the distant rail line disappearing into the distance. In this area of the country long distances are involved which are difficult to appreciate, until you travel in the area.

Railway, Lake Hart, South Australia

The following image shows the surrounds of Lake Hart and is very typical of the country in this area. This country is beautiful and offers great photographic challenges.

Trees, Lake Hart, South Australia