Tips For Still Life Photography

Rag Doll

With still life photography we have many options, generally with a choice of lighting, electronic flash or artificial lighting, if we take into account the color temperature of the lighting. We can use slow shutter speeds with a tripod to give more flexibility.
In order to get an effective diffused light on the subject with little or no shadows a light tent can prove to be excellent. A light tent effectively diffuses all the direct light to produce very even lighting on the subject. A light tent with two or three fluorescent lights placed strategically around the light tent can produce very effective results for photographing ornaments or for product photography. With a light tent set up, shadows can virtually be eliminated.

Patterns in Composition

Opera House, Sydney

An important photographic tool is composition, which is used to present a worthwhile subject in the most effective way. Many types of patterns can be legitimate targets for pattern images. The following image is an example of a subject which can be illustrated by strong patterns and also with strong diagonal lines across the image.

Diagonal Lines


Diagonal lines in images are essentially straight lines that run from one corner of the image to the opposite corner. Diagonal lines are often useful if objects are included on the diagonal lines it can give the image a sensation of sliding and moving. The diagonal line can be a most dynamic type of composition.

The Golden Section

Clarence River Illuka

It is an old tradition of composition that the Golden Section or the Golden Mean is a particularly pleasing ratio which has been used extensively since the Middle Ages by both architects and painters. In mathematical terms the Golden Section is defined such that, a line of a given length is divided into two unequal… Continue reading The Golden Section