Nikon Lens Hoods

Why do we use lens hoods on our lenses? Well there are several reasons.

With many lenses the front element of the lens is not recessed enough so that the front element is shaded from direct light which can cause significant flare in the lens. The lens hood will provide additional shading of the lens to help prevent flare.

The design of the lens hood is a careful balance between shading the lens to avoid flare and causing the lens to vignette.

Lenses can be more inclined to have flare issues if an external filter is used on the lens. The lens hood will help alleviate this issue.

Lens hoods can generally be stored on the camera by reversing them to save space.

My own view of lens hoods is as listed in the following points:

  • Always use a lens hood as it will help improve the quality of images by reducing flare.
  • Make sure that it is fitted properly, if not it may vignette.
  • The lens hood can also help protect the lens against any object touching the front element.

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