Analyzing Your Lens Focal Length, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Usage

There is a great free program to analyse your usage of your lens focal lengths, aperture, camera shutter speed and ISO settings. The program is Exposure plot and can be downloaded free.

The above graph is an analysis of my Focal Length usage over the last few years. The program automatically corrects for the 1.5 times multiplication factor for Nikon’s DX lenses. The above graph is very useful to determine your most frequently used lenses. My most used focal lengths are 80mm and 300mm. The 300mm being a prime lens and the 80mm a 24-120mm zoom, this information can be handy to determine any further lens purchases you may make in the future. It would appear that I could make use of a high quality 85mm f/1.4 prime lens.

It is also evident that I am not a frequent user of super wide angle lenses, the widest I currently have being a 24mm. Generally when I need to go wider, I use stitched panorama images with the 24mm lens. I find this better than using a super wide lens as the super wide lenses generally have more distortion than a more standard 24mm lens.

The above graph shows the frequency of various aperture settings. This shows that I very rarely use an aperture of less than f/2.5. In my case a couple of additional lenses with an aperture of f/1.4 would help with my photography in lower light levels.

The above graph shoes the analysis of shutter speed and the number if images at each shutter speed.

The last graph above shows the number of images taken at each ISO setting and as expected the majority are captured at ISO200, the lowest setting of the cameras I use, with ISO settings ranging up to ISO6,400.