Nikon D3100 Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera

Nikon have released a new entry level DSLR camera, this camera appears to have everything needed for a sophisticated entry level camera. THe camera is basically DX format, with a 14.2 MPixel CMOS image sensor.

EXPEED 2 image processing system is used to suppress noise, improve tonal range and give beautiful colors. ISO sensitivity up to 3200ISO is provided.

The camera offers selection of three modes as follows:

  • Use the viewfinder,
  • Use live view,
  • Shoot movies

Live View shooting is enabled using a one touch switch. This really emulates the functions of a compact camera to make shooting simpler.

Built-in scene auto selector is provided to analyzes the scene and select the appropriate shooting mode from Portrait, Landscape, Close up or Night portrait. The camera is equipped with a face detection function. An independent movie record button is provided to simplify movie operation. Remote control playback of images and movies is provided.

Movie functions are available as follows:

    • 1080p video capability
    • Movie with auto focus
    • Mono sound
    • In camera movie editing

The detailed camera specifications are as follows:

    • 14.2 million pixels,
    • DX, 23.1 x 15.4 mm, CMOS sensor,
    • 4,608 x 3,072 pixels,
    • ISO 100 to 3200 in steps of 1 EV, plus HI-1 ISO 6400 and HI-2 ISO 12800,
    • SD memory card,
    • Shutter 30 to 1/4000 second , in steps of 1/3 EV plus bulb,
    • Flash synchronization at up to 1/200 second,
    • Battery Life, 550 shots,
    • Dimensions 124 x 96 x 74.5 mm,
    • Weight 455 grams.