Bad Weather Images

Illuka Beach

Many people believe that bad weather is the time to stay at home and wish for better weather. No, bad weather is the time to get out and take pictures.Many bad weather conditions can actually enhance your images, some examples are as follows:

When it is very cloudy, the flat lighting is excellent for photographing people or animals. The flat lighting is very flattering to the subject as the contrast is low.
Foggy and misty conditions can add a moody feeling to your images. Moody foggy lighting can be excellent for landscapes. Foggy conditions can limit the depth of view in the image so it may be better to concentrate on closer subjects.
Water droplets on flowers or on other objects such as a spiders web can add greatly to an image by giving the image some extra sparkle.
Storm situations can create very dramatic lighting with the angle of light on the clouds creating a dramatic scene.
Storm situations with lightning can create extremely dramatic images.