Architecture Photography

Opera House, Sydney

Architecture can cover both the exterior and interior of buildings. With tall buildings care needs to be taken that the camera is held parallel to the sides of the building to ensure that the building does not have a lean, however this type of perspective distortion can be corrected in Photoshop. Also perspective control lenses are available for some cameras to overcome this type of distortion.

Photography of the interiors of buildings can be greatly assisted by the use of tripods or monopods if allowed inside the building. This will enable the image to be as sharp as possible. The image above of the church interior has been photographed using a star burst filter and a tripod to reduce camera movement.

The interior of the Police Academy was photographed using a tripod to reduce camera movement.

The Opera House in Sydney has been captured from a low angle to give a more dramatic  impact to the image.

The Golden Pavillion temple in Japan, in  this case  we have included some of the  architectural surroundings to add to the image.