Flower Power with Flower Photography

A Bunch Of Artificial Flowers, Childers, Queensland

Flower photography is a great medium to express your feelings for colour. The flower beds in a blaze of colour are great to find patterns of different colours and to provide highly saturated images with great impact. A zoom lens in the range 24-120mm is great to capture the flower beds and their colours. The above image has been taken with a Nikon D700 and 24-120mm zoom lens. The zoom is handy to help frame the image and select the components you want to include in the composition.



Flower bed images are always nice to give a blaze of colour.  The macro lens gives more flexibility and enables you to get closer to the flowers as required. Generally close up Macro or Micro lenses are extremely sharp and enable the camera to record greater detail.

The image below of the single flower was again captured with the 105mm Micro lens, this lens enables the photographer to focus down to life size if requirecd.



All the above images were processed in Photoshop and were given a slight boost in saturation, to enhance the colours and also a small amount of sharpening. When taking close up images of the flowers be aware of the background to ensure the background is uncluttered and not interfering with the main subject matter.