Enhancing Your Tripod With Some Accessories

To obtain a stable camera for long exposures, the tripod is only part of the overall picture. There are many accessories to add to your tripod to make your photographic life easier and to make your images even sharper.

When you purchase your camera it will come with a standard 1/4″-20 screw socket for mounting to the tripod, this is somewhat inconvenient if you need to quickly mount the camera to the tripod.

Selecting a Tripod


I do prefer a tripod in many situations. Some examples of where I find a tripod useful and in some cases essential are as follows:

When using a long telephoto lens.
With Macro photography a tripod can greatly increase your success rate.
Where you want to carefully frame an image, a tripod is very useful, especially for landscape images.
Long time exposures require a tripod. Sometimes I may use a 10-stop Neutral Density (ND) filter for water scenes, resulting in exposures several minutes long.
Night photography. Even though cameras now can use extremely hig ISO settings a tripod can be very handy for night images and is essential for star images at night.