Bird Photography Tips

Photography of birds is one of the most difficult subjects to capture, here we will give you some tips which assist in improving your bird captures. The above image of a Satin Bowerbird has been photographed at the Lamington National Park, Queensland.. Frequent places where birds regularly visit, such as honey eaters at certain flowers… Continue reading Bird Photography Tips

Best Bird Photography

Australian, Kookaburra

I believe the best bird photography is obtained by photographing birds in their natural surrounding in the wild. When birds are photographed in aviaries they generally do not look natural in their surroundings. To photograph birds naturally requires lots of patience and long lenses. Many varieties of water birds are quite large and can be… Continue reading Best Bird Photography

Bird Photographers

Personally I love being inspired by other bird photographers, mainly to get new ideas and to learn the approach of other wonderful bird photographers. In this post I will give links to other photographers which I admire and can learn from. I hope you enjoy them and hopefully learn from them. Arthur Morris – Birds… Continue reading Bird Photographers

Bird Photography Equipment

There are many¬† different situations with bird photography and different equipment will be required depending on the circumstances. The best type of camera for bird photography is the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. Where birds come to a particular area frequently and this can be because of food, water or because the birds are nesting,… Continue reading Bird Photography Equipment

Photography from a Bird Hide

Here are a few images from the Bird Observatory at Broome, Western Australia. This is a purposely built bird hide on Roebuck Bay, Western Australia. There are many birds in this area both inland and along the shore line. The area is most important as a sanctuary for migratory shorebirds at certain times of the year.

Bird Photography

King Parrot

Birds are one of the most beautiful subjects to photograph, however they can also be one of the most difficult subjects to photograph. Most types of birds are quite shy and it is difficult to get close to them. The most chalenging thing about photographing birds is trying to capture them in their natural environment.