City Park Photography at Night

The Brisbane Wheel

Southbank is generally a hive of activity on the banks of the Brisbane River, one of the highlights is the Brisbane Wheel, an extremely large ferris wheel with spectacular lighting, occasionally the colors of the lights on the wheel are changed giving it a different look. The above image of the ferris wheel was captured with an exposure of 6 seconds, ISO100, using a tripod and remote release.

Travel Photography

Sunrise at Uluru

There are many aspects to travel photography, with the main aim, being to come home with many images, which you are proud of. It is much easier to travel today than it was many years ago. You may not need al the items listed below but it may be usefull as a complete check list.

Photographing Landscapes

There is nothing better than getting out away from it all and immersing oneself in a beautiful landscape. The secret to capturing beautiful landscapes is to be there at the best time of the day and that is usually early morning or late afternoon.