Images From Coonarr, Queensland

Seascape, Coonarr, Queensland

On the recent road trip to the north of Brisbane I visited Coonarr which is just south of Elliott Heads and on the opposite side of the Elliott River to Elliott Heads. Woodgate is a short distance to the south from here. There is nothing very much here apart from a small wildflower reserve (no… Continue reading Images From Coonarr, Queensland

Rossendale Park, Bauple, Queensland

Yellow Robin, Rossendale Park, Bauple, Queensland

Recently I did a road trip to the north of Brisbane up to Bundaberg and also inland from that area. I really like these trips with our caravan as it enables me to see a wide range of scenery and also to find different varieties of wildlife to photograph. As you have probably noticed I… Continue reading Rossendale Park, Bauple, Queensland

A Vivid Experience at Vivid Sydney

Tiger Animal Sculpture at Zoo at Vivid Sydney

Last weekend I visited the Vivid Festival at Vivid Sydney. It was¬†great using the Nikon D810 camera, what a wonderful camera for such events. The camera has excellent low light capability and also a high pixel count. Here I would like to note some of the aspects of the photography at Vivid Sidney. Due to… Continue reading A Vivid Experience at Vivid Sydney

Digital Landscape Photography – Ten Tips

Landscape photography is something many photographers aspire to. There are many opportunities for this type of photography of your surrounding area, no matter where you are. Landscape Photography Definition Landscape photography is generally aimed to show different spaces and objects within the world where you are. They can be distant or close up micro objects.… Continue reading Digital Landscape Photography – Ten Tips

Travelling Photography – Nikon Lens Reviews for Travellers

Bush Scene

When travelling, the secret for an enjoyable trip is to travel light but also to have enough equipment to satisfy your photographic needs to achieve high image quality. Your needs may vary from wide angle lenses for ¬†landscapes to super telephoto lenses for distant birds and animals. For travelling the Nikon range of DX cameras… Continue reading Travelling Photography – Nikon Lens Reviews for Travellers

Photographing Outback Landscapes

Lake Hart, South Australia

Lake Hart is one of the many salt lakes in South Australia. Lake Hart is just off the Stuart Highway when travelling from Pt. Augusta through to Central Australia and Darwin. This main tourist route highway is known as the Explorer’s Way between Adelaide and Darwin, 3016 km, it covers southern farmlands, central deserts to… Continue reading Photographing Outback Landscapes

Night Images

An image of the Loy Yang Power Station at Traralgon, Victoria, taken in drizzling rain at night. This image was taken with the Nikon 24-120mm, VR zoom lens and the Nikon D700 camera, there is a review of this lens here. This image was captured using a tripod and a remote cable realease, to give an extra sharp image, avoiding any camera movement.

What Is In Your Bag

Camera Bag

Those of us who are into photography, generally over a period of time we will collect quite a lot of photographic equipment. Personally I prefer a backpack to transport my gear as I find it easier to carry than a shoulder type bag. As we collect more equipment our bag will be carrying many valuable items, so make sure your bag is of good quality. If we purchase an excellent quality bag it will last many years, in fact I still have an old trunk style bag I have had for over 30 years.

Capturing the Wide Expanses of the Outback

The above image has been captured at Lake Argyle in the Kimberlies, Western Australia. It is a composite image stitched together in PTGui software with post processing in Photoshop. Lake Argyle is situated near Kununurra on the western side of the Kimberly Ranges. There are beautiful sunset cruises on Lake Argyle to give the best views of this area.