Insect Photography With Macro Lenses

There are quite a few Nikon Micro (Macro) lenses for close up photography. The above image has been captured with the Nikon 200mm f/4 Micro lens, this lens is great for insects as it maintains a reasonable working distance between the subject and camera and the subject can be approached, keeping away from the subject without frightening it. I have several Nikkor Micro lenses and this is one of the best. Best results with this lens are achieved by using a monopod or tripod. The above image was captured using electronic flash combined with daylight for illumination

Here is a link to B & H Photo Video for this lens.

The following two insect images below have been photographed using the Nikon 105mm VR (vibration reduction) lens. This lens is very suitable for quieter insects and other subjects such as flowers where you can approach more closely.

The 105mm VR Micro lens is a very usefull general purpose lens not only for close up photography. This lens is very easy to hand hold as it has the VR functionality.

This lens can be purchased here at B & H Photo Video.

I love macro photography as there is so much you can photograph, just by walking around your garden at home.

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