Rain Forest Photography

Fern, Binna Burra

The above image of the fern was captured in the Binna Burra rain forest, on the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Australia.

Rain forests are a wonderful place to capture some beautiful photography, but they can be very difficult to capture, as it can be very dark.

A tripod can be very useful, together with a cable release to help stop movement of the camera and to use slower shutter speeds. Also using a high ISO setting will help to give better images by enabling you to use higher shutter speeds without a tripod.

Berries, Binna Burra

The above berries were also captured in a rain forest environment. The brightness of these berries helps to create a very nice image.

Rain Forest, Binna Burra

The flora in the above image and also in the image below is very typical of rain forests, with the leaves, berries and the mossy environment.

Flora, Rain Forest, Binna Burra