Sometime my 300mm f/4 lens is not quite long enough, particularly when birding and in those situations I may need to revert to the TC-20E III teleconverter. The resulting lens with the teleconverter is an equivalent 600mm f/8 lens and to use a lens of this focal length and aperture, requires sufficient ambient light, although if I use the camera set to auto ISO it helps greatly in getting good images, while at the same time keeping the ISO as low as possible.

Yellow Winged Honeyeater

Images with the 300mm f/4 lens and the TC-20E teleconverter combination will give the best results when the camera is used with either a tripod or a monopod and I consider excellent camera support is essential when using a lens of this equuivalent focal length.

Both the yellow winged honeyeater and the silvereye featured in this blog are really tiny birds and are very difficult to photograph in the wild due to their size and also as they are quite timid birds and difficult to get close.

White eye

Of all the subjects I have photographed the most difficult to get excellent images are the tiny birds so I was very happy to get the results I achieved here.
The equipment I use for my photography is mainly as follows: