Here are some more images from my Nikkor 300mm, AF-S lens, from the Hobie Kayak. This is a great way to get around on the water to get great access to an excellent variety of water birds. This kayak with its pedal system allows good freedom with your arms and hands to easily manage the 300mm lens and to keep you moving along the water to get closer to the birds.

Great Egret, Wooli River

I was even able to get mobile enough to capture a couple of flight shots of the Great Egret and the Royal Spoonbill. Normally these flight shots would be very difficult to get from the shore due to the thick mangroves along the edge of the river. However from the kayak I was able to get good visibility both up and down the river for a variety of shots.

Royal Spoonbill In Flight, Wooli River

The Great Egrets are a majestic bird when flying.

Great Egret In Flight, Wooli River

Flight images are always hard to get with the movement of the birds but I was very happy with these images from the kayak.
The equipment I use for my photography is mainly as follows: