Recently I had an opportunity to borrow a Hobie Mirage Sport kayak for a short time while taking a break and staying at a Caravan Park on the Wooli river in northern New South Wales. After the first trial using this kayak for photography I was simply amazed at how beneficial it was in getting close to some of the water birds around the edges of the river. Particularly at low tide the birds were very plentiful and I was able to get many images of some beautiful birds over a couple of hours.

Kayak On Wooli River, New South Wales

The camera and lens I have been using from the kayak was a Nikon D700 together with the 300mm f4, AF-S lens. I found this lens easy to use in the relatively confined space of the kayak. Previous to this outing, I would always have been in fear that my camera and lens could take a dip in the water if the kayak overturned, but in this kayak I felt very safe and did not have any fear of danger to my camera equipment or myself.

After using the Hobie Sport kayak for a few outings, I was so impressed with it as a photography platform, that I decided to add a kayak to my photography kit. Hence I am now the proud owner of a Hobie Mirage Outback kayak. The reason that I selected the Outback over the Sport was that it had a wider beam and I reasoned that it may be a little more stable in view of the fact that it will be carrying a valuable cargo of camera equipment most of the time.

The next image below is a landscape from around the middle of Hinz Dam in South East Queensland. At the time I took this image there were quite a few waves rocking the kayak and the 300mm AF-S lens does need some care to keep it stable, so I was very happy with the resulting image.

Rolling Hills from Hinz Dam, South East Queensland

As I mentioned above one of the real benefits of the kayak was being able to get very close to the water birds around the edges of the river particularly at low tide.

The following image is a sample of one of many images I was able to capture around the river’s edge using my 300mm lens together with the Outback kayak.

Royal Spoonbills, Wooli River, New South Wales

There are quite a few more images from my Wooli adventures on my Flickr site.


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