Capturing Action Surfing Images

If you live close to the sea there is always some action to capture on your camera. It may be seascapes, sea creatures or even people meeting the challenge of the sea. I love the challenge of catching  surfers on my camera. All you need is a reasonably long lens, 300mm will usually be sufficient if the waves are close to the shore, a godd Digital SLR and a tripod or monopod will be very handy to help stabilise the long lens, for all the images here I used the Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-S lens.

Hitting The Surf At Lennox Head

Some time ago I spent a week at Lennox Head, New South Wales and this place is one of the most popular surfing spots around. There are always surfers out on the water and great opportunities for action photography.

Surfing At Lennox Head

In addition to the surfers there are also kite surfers, these kite surfers will really test your photography skills to the limit as they can move very fast and it is difficult to predict where they are heading.

Kite Surfing At Narrow Neck, Surfers Paradise

So if you chase the surfing action it will really test out your reflexes in catching this fast action.
The equipment I use for my photography is mainly as follows: