Review Of The Nikon 1 Camera System With The 70-300mm Lens – Some Sample Birding Images

Until recently my wife had been borrowing my older Nikon D2H camera when she wanted to take photos, however due to the size of the D2H and some recent price reductions of some of the Nikon 1 cameras, we decided to get a smaller more compact camera for her. With the camera package we purchased a Nikon 1 Camera and the 10-30mm lens together with the 30-110mm lens, These small cameras with their associated small lenses form a very compact package if you need to travel light. The Nikon 1 lenses have a locking pin so that they can be expanded when in use and they can also be made more compact when packed away.

Noisy Minor, Rosser Park, Gold Coast

As it turns out the 30-110mm lens with this camera is quite suitable for capturing wild birds, as can be seen from the above image of the Noisy Minor captured feeding on a flowering grevillea bush.

I had sometimes thought of getting one of these cameras with the now available Nikon 1 F-Mount Adaptor.  With this adapter any standard Nikon F- mount lens including FX and DX lenses can be mounted on the Nikon 1. Also with the adapter the lenses will give an effective focal length 2.7 times greater than a standard Nikon FX camera.

The 30-110mm lens I used for the above image has an effective focal length of 81-297mm when comparing to an FX camera. With the Nikon 1, F-Mount adapter, a 300mm FX lens would give an effective 810mm focal length. In the near future I can see myself getting one of these adapters to try out for long distance bird photography. The main limitation with an outfit such as this will be the smaller pixels of the Nikon 1 camera and consequently an increase in the noise levels from the camera, particularly at low light levels. I have noticed that the Nikon 1 is significantly more noisy than my FX, D700 camera and that is to be expected.

Rainbow Lorikeet, Rosser Park, Gold Coast

The above Rainbow Lorikeet image was also captured with the Nikon 1 camera and 30-110mm lens.

I should add that both of the images in this post were taken by my wife with the new Nikon 1 camera.

For full details of the Nikon 1 Camera Systems see here, and for more details of the Nikon 1 Lenses available see here.