I love attending festivals and recently I was able to go to The Abbey Medieval Festival at Caboolture, near Brisbane, Queensland. There is generally lots of opportunity at these festivals for many different types of photography.

I have quite a few lenses to choose from when attending and photographing a festival, but my favourites are the Nikon 105mm f/2.8G VR Micro (Macro) lens and also the Nikon 300mm f/4 telephoto lens.

When using telephoto lenses it enables you to keep a reasonable distance from the subject and thus not interfere too much with the subject. Both these lenses are reasonably compact for their focal length and not very difficult to handle. With these lenses I nearly always use a monopod (Gitzo GM5571T), it is a 6 section monopod and not the lightest monopod, but it is very solid and stable and being 6 sections folds up very small for travelling.

Many festivals are great places to try out different foods and I thought I would try to get an image of one of the Pizza ovens in use there. 

Pizza Oven, Abbey Medieval Festival, Queensland

When photographing a fire such as the pizza oven above, I find that generally some fine adjustment to the brightness of the image is necessary  to get the most effective glow in the embers of he fire. The pizza oven was captured with the 105mm micro lens.

At this festival there was also a bird of prey demonstration. At displays such as this I prefer to attempt to get the birds in as natural positions as possible. 

Wedge Tailed Eagle, Australia’s largest flying bird of prey

For the birds of prey I used a 300mm f/4  lens with a monopod to get some close up images of these worderful birds. This lens with a monopod, is very easy to handle compared to some of the more exotic long super telephoto lenses.

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