At your local festivals and shows you will generally find many weird and wonderful subjects to photograph.

Last week locally where I live, we had the Cooly Rocks On festival, at Coolangatta, Queensland where there is many old nostalgic events. Old cars, Rock ‘n’ roll,  dancing and live music events. It is one of Australia’s hottest Rock ‘n’ roll and nostalgia car festivals. The 10 day festival showcases  big  names in Rock ‘n’ roll, Rockabilly and Swing music, with many bands and plenty of dancing!

Many events such as this will offer you great opportunities for excellent photography.

Just to be simple for this event I used just one lens, my 50mm f/1.4 on my Nikon camera, it is a tiny lens and makes for a very light outfit to carry around. Sometimes you can get burdened down by having too much equipment and don’t enjoy the event so much.

Roller Skater

At events such as this there is so much to photograph and I caught the roller girls from a different perspective. sometimes I like to get in close to avoid some of the distracting backgrounds which can be hard to avoid at large events, which I have tried to do in the above roller skater image.

Sometimes there are weird things going on around, such as the skate boarding cat in the image below.

Cat on Skateboard

I had never seen a skate boarding cat before 😉

At the festival there was also many immaculately restored old vintage cars and these are wonderful to photograph. Here below I have captured an old vehicle that took my fancy.

Car With Skulls

So if you get the opportunity to get to a local festival go for it and get as many images as you can.