What Is The Most Important Component In Your Photography – Equipment Or Lighting

What is the most important component in your photography. To many people they would reply the camera or the lens but are they correct.

From my perspective many of the current cameras are very similar in image quality, admittedly in the Nikon range which I use, there are the FX and DX range of cameras where the FX cameras have a better low light capability but in my opinion the difference is relatively small and the cost is great. The larger sensor, FX  cameras also have generally more pixels with the idea that that more pixels will let you print larger images to put on your wall. But again the difference is still quite small. I have printed an image which I captured in Japan and have had the image printed to 1 meter wide and many people have commented how excellent the image is, this image was actually captured on a 4 MPixel Nikon D2H camera which is now quite a few years old, now we have cameras of 36 MPixels.

This image of the Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens in Japan is shown below.

Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens, Japan

There are many factors in the choice of lenses, a few as follows:

  • Focal length
  • Aperture
  • Focussing speed
  • Image quality.

The image above was captured with a high quality Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 AF-S DX lens.

The settings used for the above image was f/4.5, 17mm, ISO200 and 1/1,250 second. I believe that this image would have been just as good if I had used a cheaper lens and stopped down the lens by another couple of stops.

One of the most important aspects of any image is not the equipment but the lighting. For the above image the lighting was very subdued as a result of the  clouds with a small break in the clouds to enhance the lighting of the scene.

High quality equipment will cost you a substantial amount of money but good lighting in a landscape will not cost you anything, it will only cost you the time in waiting for the best light to occur.