Christmas Tweety Bird

I have been asked a few times how I was able to do the above image which I put up on my Twitter account at Christmas time, with the Christmas cap on the noisy minor bird.

It is really quite easy if you have photo processing software which enables you to work with layers. In this example I used Photoshop for the image processing.

As an example I will explain in a tutorial how I combined the two images shown below to form the final composite image.


I used the above sunset image as the background image and did a basic noise reduction using Noiseware Pro. I really like Noiseware Pro as my noise reduction software. This image was captured in my backyard at home and I did a basic crop of the image to suite the composition.

Magpie Geese

The above image of the Magpie Geese was captured in the Northern Territory, Australia and was the main element of the composition in the image.

With this Magpie Geese image  image, I carried out the following basic steps:

  • A basic noise reduction on the image.
  • A selection of the sky using colour selection to ensure that the edges of the birds feathers were finely selected.
  • Once the area is selected that you want to delete, clear the background sky area.
  • Give the Magpie image a slight sharpening.
Now the two images are ready to be combined and this is carried out as follows:
  • Load both images into the software in separate layers.
  • Place the Magpie Geese image on top of the background image.
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, vibrance , saturation and any other adjustment you like to give a final of each layer separately.
  • Once you are happy with the final image merge the two layers into one.
  • Now the image is completed.

Composite Image of Sunset and Magpie Geese

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