Fig Wax Scale (Ceroplastes rusci)

The above image is of a Fig Wax Scale (Ceroplastes rusci). This insect  lives under the protected waxy shell cover, the scale insect is found on many different host plants.

This was a very difficult image to get as the insect was so small, it was around 2-3 mm in length.

I was able to capture this tiny insect with my 105mm f/2.8 AF-S Micro lens. I really like this lens for subjects such as insects, as it generally gives sufficient working distance from the subject. Due to the tiny size of this insect I also used a teleconverter to give some additional magnification to the subject. The TC-20E III teleconverter works very well with the 105mm Micro lens and effectively doubles the magnification of the lens by itself.

This setup with the TC-20E teleconverter will give a total magnification of 2 times with the 105mm Micro lens.  In using this setup with the extreme magnification you need to be very careful to keep the camera steady to avoid any subject blur.

The image quality of the lens with the teleconverter appears to be very good and I do not see any other easy solution to get such a high magnification and still retain a portable camera setup for chasing insects.

In addition to using this teleconverter with the 105mm Micro lens I also use it on occasions with my longer 300mm f/4 telephoto lens to give an effective focal length of 600mm at f/8.