Butterfly in Garden

I love chasing insects around our garden. With insects like butterflies it is sometimes quite a challenge trying to catch up with them.

With the above butterfly I used a Nikon 105mm Micro lens and it proved to be quite effective, however my 200mm Micro lens may have been even more effective in this situation. I prefer a longer focal length lens for moving insects such as butterflies.

When considering a Macro lens for your close up photography do not just consider it as usable for macro work, most of the good Macro lenses will be excellent as a general purpose lens. I use my Nikon 105mm and 200mm Macro lenses as excellent performing lenses at all distances from close up to infinity.

Depending on what camera you use there are quite a variety of macro lenses to choose from.

Some of the Nikon Macro (Micro) lenses are as follows.


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  • I can understand your excitement about chasing insects. This photo of a butterfly certainly is a proof of your dedication. It’s a wonderful picture, almost amazing how sharp the wing is and the rest so blurred. Very well done.